Shockingly Simple Internet Business Ideas!

by Doug Meade on April 30, 2014

Keep Your Internet Business Ideas Simple

Simple Internet Business Ideas Are Genius!

Internet Business Ideas Can Be Shockingly Simple!

When I started out studying Internet Marketing and Internet Business Ideas about 15 years ago, NOTHING was Simple from a Newbie point of view.  The learning curves were massive and the details were absolutely horrible!  I simply wanted to learn about how to implement some of my Internet Business Ideas, try some Online Business Opportunities and see what I could do to incorporate those opportunities with my own primary business ideas and maybe build a residual income that would keep going even after I passed away.  A noble desire but not an easy action back then.  So, like an idiot, I put it on the back burner.

Then before I knew it… Continue Reading


The Best of All Social Media Marketing Courses!

by Doug Meade on April 22, 2014

Social Media Marketing Courses

Social Media Marketing Courses

have been here for a while now!  However, It’s growing into the Hottest and most profitable business tool for generating revenue online and off.  No longer is Social Media a luxury for any business!  It should be and MUST be a basic focal point for every business today.  I know I’ve been studying and mastering the latest tactics in social media marketing courses How about you?  This article describes and includes the Best Social Media Marketing Courses in the Top Genres, saving you time, energy and money on all the other sorry products out there!

Many people are making thousands of dollars a month using this niche but many more aren’t making any money at all due to a lack of awareness or inaction.  But all it takes is… Continue Reading


Real Estate Investing 101

by Doug Meade on March 20, 2014

Real Estate Investing for Cash!With real estate investing making a comeback along with the stabilization of the market, I want to help those who may be interested with some solid basics that I have learned for the last 25 years.  When I started out in real estate investing, I would have paid Continue Reading


The Emptiness of Materialism

by Doug Meade on March 21, 2013

Emptiness in Things

How we trade our lives for the emptiness of material things can be quite astonishing.  Many of us are doing it right now!  We go to work for so many hours a day, missing the real time with family, friends, ourselves, doing what we love… you name it.  It makes sense and seems right as we tell ourselves that we work “for a living.”  But really in many cases and I wonder for hour many hours of our day do we work for material things and all the emptiness they really provide. Continue Reading


Stuck in a Rut? Change Your Routine!

by Doug Meade on March 20, 2013

Don't Stay Stuck in a Rut!

Dixie Stuck in a rut


We have a shi-malt that brings us a ton of joy!  However, we took in a Golden Retriever for a week and realized that our dog, Dixie was stuck in a rut and we didn’t even know it! Continue Reading


Forgiveness is the Rainbow After Sin’s Storm!

by Doug Meade on March 18, 2013

Forgiveness is Love


Today’s Gospel focuses on forgiveness and is the story about the woman caught in the very act of Adultery.  I can only imagine the emotional storm of that moment!  But the Scribes and Pharisees brought her to Jesus and threw her to his feet in order to test him.  They didn’t care for the woman at all and proved that as they exposed her publicly with an intention to stone her to death.  And instead of just carrying out the punishment Continue Reading


Knock Out YOUR 800 Excuses Gorilla!

by Doug Meade on March 16, 2013

Knock Out Your Excuses!

Excuses! Excuses!

I am the King of coming up with some Absolutely Beautiful Excuses and True Excuses when there’s something I have to do or even WANT to do but I have either fear, a learning curve, insecurity, self-doubt, a lack of energy, too much on my plate, etc., etc.  I can convince everyone around me why I need to wait or delay or RESEARCH MORE or Whatever!  My excuses are Wonderful!  I can convince Everyone!  Everyone but… me. Continue Reading


Stealing the Power of Rejection!

by Doug Meade on March 15, 2013

Fear No Rejection

Rejection Education


Many years ago, in the early 90’s I wrote two novels.  If you have never done that, there is no way to convey the absolutely grueling discipline it took me, especially being in my early 20’s when I had very little patience and absolutely despised rejection!  Despite dreams of book deals and movie deals, my only reward at that time was Continue Reading


Baseball Wisdom

by Doug Meade on March 15, 2013

Baseball and Internet Marketing

Baseball Wisdom


My son had a baseball game tonight and for some reason, he was more nervous before this one than the previous 2 this season.  So I gave him the quick baseball wisdom talk about how it’s mainly about fun and just do your best… you’ll be OK… you know, that sort of thing.  I could tell though that my attempt did not help at all.  So, I said, “OK, what are you worried about?” Continue Reading


Business Intelligence is a relatively new name for a field within the IT sector that specializes in extracting wisdom from a company’s database.  It used to be called “reporting.”  Yeah, I see why they changed it!  “Business Intelligence” is a much better description of the whole purpose of the existence of databases and SQL.  Continue Reading